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I’m Kait. I’m a communications professional and a storyteller. I’m a mom — I’ve got a brilliant daughter and, oh ya, also a cat. I’m Canadian, I love video games, movies, books and sad songs. I kill plants and characters, and share my writing tips on this blog, and my short stories on Vocal. I’m currently drafting my novel length WIP, interim title: The Tower Project.

What I’m working on


Beset by hungry spirits and a 17-year-old mystery, blind spiritualist, Thomas Tower, faces the ghosts of his past to save the one person he can’t live without, even if it means performing the most difficult exorcism of his career.

I’ll light your bloody candle, but someone’s damn well going to hear about the dark.

Parke Godwin — Firelord

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    Kaitlyn is a white woman with

    About Me

    I believe in telling stories as diverse and colourful as the human experience. As colourful as your cities bustling downtown. As engaging as your favourite film. As memorable as your first kiss (but not as sloppy).

    I get excited about film, television, video games, representative media and media critique.

    I’m a mom, a communicator, a storyteller, an intersectional feminist, a cryer, spotify playlist curator, Netflix binger, and sometimes, even a blogger.

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